• Salary level
    1200 € - 1500 €
  • City
  • Employer
  • Experience
    1 year



Work for miners from the joint-stock company “Gornointritsyanski mines Previdza” – the largest Slovak mining company with 100 years of experience in underground mining of brown coal. The current annual production volume is 1.9 million tons.


  • official employment in Slovakia with the registration of a temporary residence permit, in accordance with labor legislation
  • work in the mode of 3-day working hours + 2 days of the weekend in 3 changes of 9.5 hours, taking into account 0.5 hour. for lunch and rest
  • minimum period of employment (contract) – 1 year with the possibility of its extension
  • staff are offered hot or frozen dishes at a cost of 1.00 € / dinner workers have the right to subscribe to a selection of snack packages worth 0.49 € / package
  • WORKING CLOTHES provided by the employer
  • INSTRUMENTS provided by the employer
  • FAMILY  in the case of moving a worker with his wife and children, the company, with the participation of employment partners, facilitates the placement of the wife and the recruitment of children to the kindergarten or school, if necessary



  • the professional qualification should correspond to the vacancy and be confirmed by the relevant document (certificate) regarding the experience and specialty (specialty)
  • work experience at the mine – not less than one year (for candidates without experience, there is also the opportunity to work after the previous training, but for the period of study – other conditions of remuneration)
  • lack of conviction
  • education – basic full secondary
  • valid biometric passport
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