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In the last article, we wrote that we are looking for the best conditions for you to work abroad. Today we will tell you in detail about work at TESCO warehouses. From the beginning of 2018, Arbuz is the official representative of TESCO. We recommend this vacancy, since here are some of the best conditions of work and pay. Work is for both men and women.

During the next transfer of Arbuz customers to Poland, we interviewed several Ukrainians who have been working for a long time in Poland at TESCO warehouses.

Sergey from Ivano-Frankivsk has been working at TESCO since 2013. After 2 years of work in the warehouse, he transferred his wife and son to Gliwice (the city where the warehouse is located). In the warehouse, Sergei earns an average of 1000 euros per month. He says that the work is pleased because the employer provided quite comfortable conditions for people to stay here for a long time.

The salary depends on the result of the worker himself, namely: the speed of collection of goods, which is fixed with the help of a special wrist scanner. Labor pay is calculated as the average value of the worked week. Each employee working in the warehouse collects items that are then transferred, depending on the quantity of assembled goods, in the department where the employee is located. For example, in the “grocery” department where Sergey works, each item collected has 0.9 points.

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