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When a Ukrainian applicant has an idea about working abroad, most likely, most of these people think about Poland, which is not surprising.

What will have to face first of all?

Poland is close to us not only territorially, it is unlikely that there will be a language barrier, a person who knows the Ukrainian language, and, of course, the main criterion for choosing higher salaries than in Ukraine.

Among other things, it is fairly easy to obtain a work permit in a given country

All this makes Poland the most popular destination for Ukrainians. Since 2007, for residents of Ukraine and several other countries, a simplified procedure for obtaining a Polish work visa was in effect.

True, the plans of the Polish government have been to improve labor legislation since the beginning of 2017, which would entail a complication of the procedure for employment by foreigners, but the introduction of changes in labor legislation will entail a change in all accompanying regulations.

In this regard, these changes are planned to be introduced from the beginning of 2018, but this is unlikely to reduce the number of Ukrainians wishing to work in Poland.

For today in Poland more than 1.3 million of our fellow citizens work!

Polish employers believe that this is not enough, as the population of Poland, after accession to the European Union, began to rapidly “age”, the reason for this was a large outflow of able-bodied citizens to the countries of Great Britain and Scandinavia, where salaries are an order of magnitude higher than in their homeland.

In order to attract as many as possible able-bodied foreign citizens to the country, the Polish authorities have amended the Law “On the Pole’s Card”, which came into force in 2017. Now holders of the Pole’s card (Karta Polaka), residents of the former USSR with Polish roots will be able to move to Poland with their families, and the state will also provide them with assistance during the first three months in the amount of PLN 1,000 and 600 with 4-9 months in Poland.

Also, holders of such cards will have the opportunity to learn Polish language free of charge at specialized schools. Finally, a Ukrainian with Polish roots, having moved to Poland, can immediately receive a permanent residence permit. And having sent a written request to the President on granting citizenship, you can become a full-fledged citizen of Poland within a year.

The number of vacancies in Poland for Ukrainians is increasing every year.

The work can be found both by qualified employees and people without proper qualifications and experience. A large number of requests from Poland for Ukrainians, as workers arrive during the spring-summer season, are unskilled field and farm work. It is worth noting that in most cases, employers provide foreign workers with housing, work clothes, travel to the place of work, and in some cases even food, but all this is stipulated before signing

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