Our company provides a range of legal services for obtaining a license for mediation in employment for work abroad.

To carry out any activity, including Consultancy related to mediation in employment for work abroad, you must obtain a license issued in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine.

According to the current legislation of Ukraine, mediation is the provision of services for job search in accordance with the declared vacancies of employers and the provision of information and consulting services on employment opportunities, conditions, wages, as well as the names and location of employers.

To carry out the specified activity can be both the legal entity and the individual entrepreneur.

Information on working conditions – a set of data on factors of the production environment, duration of working time and rest time, granting of holidays, payment of labor, as well as other information in the field of social security that may affect the health and performance of the worker and should be reflected in the project employment contract.

Processing of personal data of the client consists in collecting, storing, selecting and distributing information confirming the qualification and professional experience of the client, as well as any other information concerning his employment.

The term of the license is unlimited.

The complex of services provided by our company includes:

  • qualified consultation on licensing procedures;
  • informing about the current legislation in the field of licensing;
  • get a license.
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