It is obvious that the interest of Polish companies in Ukrainian workers is that they can get specialists and workers of different qualifications with a salary fund lower than, for example, with a salary fund for the Poles who are accustomed to earning in European. In turn, employees’ expectations are the receipt of European work, which often has the format of expectations – “to work less, to earn more”.

In connection with this, there are 2 main reasons for misunderstanding, which can become a stumbling block in relations with the client:

  1. The candidate overestimated his qualifications, which he wrote in the resume. For example, the welder was not a welder (below is a photo of the results of the tests of one of these specialists), and the driver of the forklift truck scammers on the territory of the factory with a raised load weighing in 3.5 tons, than grossly violated the safety equipment. In such a situation, the employer will be forced to confirm your mismatch of vacancies and refuse to work. In such a situation, the solution will be the transition to another job with lower qualification requirements and, accordingly, lower wages. At the same time, the expenses for moving to another place lie on your shoulders. The question is, will you be dissatisfied with this development of events? Yes, and also how dissatisfied. But the situation is objective? Yes, absolutely.
  2. Excessive wage expectations. To be honest, not so long ago, when Ukraine had a stable economic situation, the salaries of our specialists were almost the same as with the Polish or even slightly higher, but not so much that there was a desire to leave the house and go for 2,500 miles to work. Now the situation is a bit different. The current economic downturn in Ukraine has made work in Poland more attractive. Also, in Poland there is a payment from the production, the so-called “chord”. At the same time, there is an opportunity to earn an average of 20-30% more than the established level of hourly wages and, as a rule, such a format is offered only to those who really showed themselves in work as a specialist.

Today, the popular video program is skype, but it’s not always possible to go online. Therefore, our employees very often buy a Polish operator Heyah, which is profitable to use for calls to Ukraine. For example, today, Heyah, allows you to connect unlimited calls to one Ukrainian MTS number, for just 10 PLN per month.

After you get a work visa to Poland, your employer will send all your documents, agree on the specific date of your arrival and fix the person on the employer’s side, which should meet you from the station and settle. You will also be provided with a detailed route with a map, timetable of trains, buses and detailed instructions, where to move, where and how to buy tickets. The route further specifies the contacts of the person who is assigned to you and will meet you. Upon arrival at the specified point, you will need to call this person to take you to the station. Just in case if something was unclear on the road or you were late for the train, and maybe you do not know how to buy a ticket, in this case in the route there is a hotline telephone which works round the clock without a weekend, turning to which you get help on emerging issues.

We recommend that you take with you a sum of money with a certain margin, roughly equivalent to $ 250. The calculation of your expenses to the first salary is approximately as follows:

  1. travel to work place – 1500 hryvnia
  2. meals a month – 300 zł (~ 2000 hryvnia) (in case the employer does not pay)
  3. connection – 50 zloty (~ 300 hryvnia)

Total: 3800 hryvnias

As you can see, the cost of the first salary in fact is significantly less than $ 250. However, from experience, as soon as you take the amount of money “up”, then necessarily something goes wrong. It happens that there is not enough money due to the banal ignorance of the Polish language: after all, buying a ticket to the first class by mistake is three times more expensive – not a problem for the newcomer.

Another example, when it was late in the train and arrived on the weekend, and the employer could settle only on Monday – had to take off the hostel. There are also cases when it turns out that the sanitary book does not have all the analyzes, and it is necessary to draw up a Polish sanitary book. So you can count to infinity, options are typed sets. Of course, from this it is worth to conclude that, even if you go to work in Poland, you need to take the money with a stock – so more reliable in terms of avoiding incidents.

There are currently three main types of employment contracts in Poland: “Umowa o pracę” (employment contract), “Umowa o zlecenie” (contract of assignment), “Umowa o dzieło” (contract of employment).

There are many vacancies in Poland where knowledge of language is not compulsory. Of course, if you speak Polish, it will be a plus, because such knowledge can provide you with higher wages.

If you are going to work in Poland for the first time, then your stay may be from 3 to 6 months. No more work will be done, as a Polish working visa is issued for a maximum of 180 days with an annual corridor. After the first successful experience at work in Poland there is an opportunity to stay in this country for a longer period. The employer can arrange a residence permit.

To obtain a visa, you need to collect the following documents:

  • completed questionnaire;
  • invitation from the employer;
  • 2 pictures;
  • insurance;
  • passport.

It is also necessary to know that registration with the visa center for filing documents is a rather difficult process. This is due to the large number of wishing to go abroad and the inability of visa centers to process all applications in a short time. Correct collection of documents is also extremely important for successful obtaining a visa.
If you have any questions regarding the issue of a Polish work visa, please leave a request for a free expert consultation.

If you want to go to work in Poland, you must first open a visa. This is not such a simple process, so you need to know the whole sequence of actions well. Otherwise, you can get a rejection, losing money and time. Therefore, you need to get acquainted with the algorithm of processing all documents in order to avoid errors. Poland is a hospitable country for Ukrainians. Therefore, many of our compatriots go to work in Poland. But Polish employers are waiting for applicants for open visas. Therefore, for emigration to work, you first need to take care of the visa. It is not necessary to be frightened of this process, the percentage of refusals for those who wish to obtain a visa to Poland is small. But you need to have some knowledge to avoid falling into disappointing bounce statistics.

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