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Seasonal work in Europe for Ukrainians is provided in many countries. The main requirement is a work visa, a work permit and an invitation from the employer. For people of different ages and...
Hot Poland When a Ukrainian applicant has an idea about working abroad, most likely, most of these people think about Poland, which is not surprising. What will have to face first of all? Poland is...
In the last article, we wrote that we are looking for the best...
Customers about us
Andriy | Manager

“Good afternoon! This year I went to work in Poland at the factory. I thank the agencies for the selection of a good employer who provided quite comfortable working conditions.”

Olga | Няня

“I specialize in nursing work in the elderly’s home. It’s not easy to work, I have to be stress-resistant, but at home this work was hard and still low-paying. It is relatively satisfactory to everyone.”

Paul | Courier

“In Israel, we earn $ 1,900 per month. Of course, there is a lot of work to be done, but it’s worth it.”

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We do not transfer your personal data to third parties